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The Dove of Football 
Fairplay Spirit 
The limited edition “Dove of Football” was inspired by the “Dove of Geneva” and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A Mysterious Quardinal in a limited edition of 192 pieces, one for every country in the UN. There is a dove engraved on the minute sapphire disc, and one on the hour sapphire disc, and a football engraved on the base immobile sapphire disc. The doves become one for one minute every hour. In this limited edition, these doves, symbols of peace, represent fair play, necessary in all games. Football is the most popular sport in the world and is an instrument of peace and fair play that reaches out to the world and touches it. Through the doves we see the football and due to the transparency, the man who wears the watch, creating a link between men. 
Quinting’s Dove of Football. 

Quinting-Tech 4 
Timing Features 
• Hour, Minute 
• Date with AM/ PM indication, with special button to set date 
• Seconds at 6 o’clock 
• Stainless Steel, 
Without diamonds 
• Round Bezel 
Without diamonds 
• Total Diameter: 43,80 mm 
• Total Height: 14.00 mm 
• Water Resistant: 50 meters (5 ATM) 
• The unique transparent movement is patented 
• Composed of 9 perfectly parallel sapphire discs with an anti-reflection coating 
• Diameter: 39.00 mm 
• Height: 8.60 mm 
• Guarantee: 2 years

Quinting Mysterious Quardinal The Dove of Football

41.650,00 €Preis
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