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Erstmalig darf ich Ihnen heute die Marke
in meinem Portfolio der unabhängigen Marken präsentieren.
Sportliche Uhren für Automobilisten, Robotikfreunde, mit Freude an kunstvollen Gravuren, oder Raumfahrer, gefertigt in höchster Qualität in der Schweiz.

Hier die Serie: Space

For the first time I am allowed to present the brand to you today
present in my portfolio of independent brands.
Sporty watches for motorists, robotics enthusiasts who enjoy artistic engravings, or astronauts, made in Switzerland to the highest quality.

Here is the series: Space

Looking over the serenity of a picturesque landscape, one can easily forget the immense dynamic power that preceded in the creation of this planet. The creators of Azimuth have once again allowed fantasy to rein in the creation of the latest time travel machine- SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND, a Volcano Exploration Machine with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and go back in time to capture the moments of earth’s creation.

The 2021 SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND is the result of the long-running love affair between Azimuth and the world of science fiction – an obsession that has birthed some of the watch marque’s most iconic collections such as Mr. Roboto, Spaceship, and Twin Turbo.

2-part case consisting of a capsule and carrier in German Bronze. Super-domed sapphire crystal.
Sapphire crystal case back
Capsule- 43mm. Carrier- 53mm with stepped sides
Mystery Jumping Hour on a 3D minute hand
Manual winding. Micro-sandblasted finishing in bronze colour, blue screws
Rubber with bronze tang buckle
Water resistance

Azimuth Space Ship Predator Lava Overland

6.450,00 €Preis
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