Ishimeji (Métiers d’Art Urushi) 
Three-body 1.4435NcU „Staybrite“ stainless steel case with mirror polished finish, stainless steel back with sapphire crystal, double curved sapphire crystal, polished hands, case caliber 36.00 mm, historical hand-winding movement caliber Fontainemelon FHF 96, 18000 A/h, 48 hours power reserve. 
Ishimeji (Stone surface) 
The dial made of 10 layers roiro kuro urushi and sprinkled in „kanshitsu nuri“ dry lacquer, polished (dozuri, roiromigaki) 
The production time of the dials is 20 days 
This rare lacquer technique can be found executed on fountain pens 
Completely hand made on demand in the atelier of Angular Momentum & Manu Propria in Bern, Switzerland


Aufzug Handaufzug
Kaliber/Werk FHF 96 historical caliber


Material Gehäuse Stahl
Durchmesser 42 mm
Wasserdicht 10 ATM
Glas Saphirglas
Zifferblatt Schwarz


Material Armband Leder
Schließe Dornschließe
Material Schließe Stahl

Angular Momentum Ishimeji

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