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Three-body Staybrite® 1.4435 NcU watch case with barrel shape centered corns. Revolving bezel with „Email Lumineuse“ diving time indexes and stainless steel fastening screw. Smal operational crown, large hexagonal stainless steel protection 
crown, Email Lumineuse „Champlevé“ dial. hour and minute hand with “plique à 
jour“ Email Lumineuse. Front crystal 3.00 mm bombe sapphire 48.200 ct., back crystal 3.00 mm bombé sapphire crystal 48.200 ct., available in various colors or transparent, waterresistant to 500 meters (50ATM), historical mechanical hand-winding movement, caliber Fontainemelon FHF 96. Case caliber 46.00 mm x 17.00 mm. Natural Rubbers strap with special lock-pin system. 

The „grip-well“ bezel has a rough texture caused by laser cutting proces, which gives every timepiece an unique appearance - like its own finger print. 

Èmail Lumineuse 
The Èmail Lumineuse is a recent development of Angular Momentum and a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive, organic substance which is in the position to glow for many hours after being loaded under light for a period of 10 minutes. The Èmail Lumineuse used on the Dive-Tec/500 is „Aqua Blue“ for the secondary information indexes and hour hand and the quick loading „Pale Green“ for the primary information: indexes dive time and minute hand. The glowing capacity of the Email Lumineuse exeeds those of the the luminous substances used in Horology today by far. 

Completely hand made on demand in the atelier of Angular Momentum & Manu Propria in Bern, Switzerland

Angular Momentum Dive-Tec/500

7.346,00 €Preis
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