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Ref. LM-44.20.20
“Rhapsody in Blue” 
Louis Moinet presents MOGADOR, two exclusive 
sets of artistic watches fitted with the legendary 
LM-35 movement 
winner of the latest International Chronometry 

“The idea behind Mogador is to combine the energy and harmony of our new brand colours – Moinet 
blue and Polar silver. The result is a powerful, uncluttered creation, showing off the intensity of these 
hues,” explains Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Ateliers Louis Moinet. 

MOGADOR is rare and refined – the orchestration of a world of beauty. Its dial boasts avant-garde 
colours, illuminated by its concentric Clous de Paris pattern, and framed by Moinet’s slim and graceful 
hour markers. 

The elegant, structured dial includes a technical touch: a view of the tourbillon’s rotating cage. Inside, 
the balance spring, anchor, and anchor wheel perform a full rotation every minute. For this mechanism 
to carry off the first prize at the International Chronometry Competition, it had to pass four months’ 
worth of tests – and sustain no fewer than 150 impacts. 

The MOGADOR case, 45.40 millimetres in diameter, is made from polished, satin-effect grade 5 
titanium throughout. The lightness of the piece – which weighs in at just 33 grammes – underscores 
its purity. Innovative technical solutions were developed to create an entirely new outline for the 
watch. Everything is arranged around two stylised, openwork bridges. These span the watch, securing 
the strap at the end of each of their lugs. They also encompass the movement’s flamboyant Moinet 
blue case – a further contribution to MOGADOR’s harmony and brightness. The six-screw bezel – a 
Louis Moinet hallmark – adds a final, distinctive note to the piece. 
The alligator strap comes with a folding clasp, emblazoned with Louis Moinet’s characteristic Fleur de 
Lys symbol.

Louis Moinet MOGADOR "Rhapsody in Blue" lim. 3 PIECES

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