Aus vertragsrechtlichen Gründen, verkaufe ich NICHT in folgende Länder: USA, Australien, Grossbritanien, Frankreich, Kanada, Neuseeland und Japan. Uhrenliebhaber aus allen anderen Ländern sind auf meinen Hanhart Angeboten, herzlich willkommen. 

For contractual reasons, I DO NOT sell to the following countries: USA, Australia, UK, France, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. 
Watch lovers from all other countries are welcome on my Hanhart offers 

Dashboard panels, along with their corresponding stopwatches and day timers, can easily be mounted on the practical table stand, which is made from solid stainless steel, with a satin finish and covered with leather. 

Set consisting of: 
Split-seconds addition timer with Flyback (135.4060-8E) 
Board time day timer (850.4060-80) 
Dashboard panel (901.0201-90) 
Table stand (901.0271-90)

Hanhart Table Stand Set I

2.680,00 €Preis