Damit meine 9 Angebote zur Marke EQVIS besser verstanden werden, zeige ich in diesem Angebot alle möglichen Varianten wie Ihre eigene EQVIS aussehen könnten. Ist bei den Fotos die Uhr dabei, die Ihnen gefällt, können Sie die EQVIS Varius genau so bekommen. 
Das Set ist so aufgebaut, dass egal welche Entscheidung Sie treffen, immer einer zweite Variante mit im Set enthalten ist. 

In order to better understand my 9 offers for the EQVIS brand, I show in this offer all sorts of variations on how your own EQVIS could look like. If the photos are accompanied by the clock you like, you can get the EQVIS Varius just like that. 
The set is designed so that no matter what decision you make, there is always a second option included in the set. 

The EQVIS Varius is much more then just a watch. It is many watches. All in one. Its patented bezel- and strap-changing systems along with the Varius tool make it easy and fun to transform it in endless ways. Over and over, again and again. 
Both rings – the changeling on top and the divider inbetween – can easily be exchanged for a evergrowing variety of new looks, simply by removing the eight screws on top. The tool to do so is already included in the starter package, as well as two extra changelings and an extra strap. You can try it out yourself right away and find out, why we call the Varius your one watches. The hardest part may be to choose one look over another, especially, when you increase your possibilties, by adding more changelings, dividers and straps to your portfolio. 
Switching dividers and changelings is just one part of the fun. How about easily switching watch straps, allowing for a wide variety without restrictions? Without the risk of scratching the watch itself and without feeling the need for more than two hands? The patented Varius strap changing system will make that a fun and easy experience as well. 
So much regarding where the Varius got its name from. Let‘s talk about the „Q“ in EQVIS: It stands for quality and is one of the most important features of the Varius. It is why each and every component – with the exception of the movement – was designed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland. 100% German designed. 100% Swiss made. 200% passion. Those are our ingredients for the high end watch recipe called EQVIS Varius that we believe will be to your taste.

EQVIS Aluminium Changeling

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